What Makes Moto X Unique?

The thing about Moto X that would intrigue you doesn't just incorporate the looks, and size yet in addition various highlights and upgrades that will amaze you. It is offered with an awesome client encounter alongside highlights and different things that make it outstandingly great telephone on the Android OS.

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The primary thing that you may see about the Moto X is the size that is by all accounts comparable as though you have seen it somewhere else. In any case, the plan is something that emerges. This model is greater than its forerunner that is presently keeping pace with other greater estimated telephones. You will see the distinction when you endeavor to hold it in your palm and think that its difficult to fit.

The frame factor of Moto X is 5.5 x 2.9 in and is 5.1 oz that unmistakably demonstrates the gadget is lightweight. The screen estimate measures 5.2-inch that clears a path for more applications in plain view than previously. With AMOLED show, you will appreciate amazing screen show quality. This is somewhat greater than Galaxy S5 that measures 5.1 in show and HTC One that has a 5-inch show board. Different things too are noteworthy like the 423ppi alongside video nature of 1080p that brings out wonderful hues and splendid pictures. The writings look fresh and the screen regards see paying little respect to being indoor or open air. The complexity and the shading immersion is astounding too with darks better and profound. To the extent camera quality goes you recover the standard 13 MP camera and 1.2 MP forward looking camera. Camera settings are available with swiping usefulness. You can influence changes in accordance with pictures that to incorporate display pictures, determination, and center control.

Uncommon Design

Since you definitely think about the plan there is something else that would interest you is the capacity to have the capacity to redo it. Indeed, you read it right; you can go on the web and alter the back of your Moto X according to your desire. Notwithstanding, the accessible decisions that you have incorporate wood backs (genuine wood), plastic back, and cowhide back that would require spending $25 additional. You can even go for two tones like b/w front and go for 10 emphasize hues that will embellish the trim of your telephone. Presently, this means a great deal with regards to tweaking your own particular gadget as per your inclinations. The back of the telephone is marginally slanted that makes it simple to hold and oversee utilizing only one hand. It is more similar to a dimple at the back of the telephone that gives you a chance to hold it immovably without neglecting it by.

The speakers are situated at the base of the gadget and the sound is uproarious that sounds extraordinary. You will never grumble about poor sound quality rather you will appreciate tuning in to music even on maxing out.


Since you know about the one of a kind equipment and configuration, there is a comment out for programming too. The Moto X keeps running on 2.5GHz quad-center Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor that has a RAM of 2GB. This makes the gadget incredibly quick to play out any errand easily. You can undoubtedly go from direct to substantial use on this telephone without worrying about execution. It is less demanding to run it entire day on single charge due to the huge 23000mAh battery control. The miserable part is that it isn't removable, so you should be cautious with it. Notwithstanding, the element of turbo charging is one of a kind about it that is another intriguing thing to pay special mind to. Strikingly, with this alternative, you would have the capacity to run it for 8 hours and 15 minutes.

With 16GB storage room, you are given an extension of 32GB that comes at an additional cost of $50.

The Moto Display include helps in bringing notices that blaze on the screen. Along these lines, you would not miss any even while you are away, notwithstanding when you lift your gadget up it will streak pending notices as an update. You can swipe and choose the usefulness that you need to apply to any warning.

Curiously, the most astonishing component would be the air signal that you perform to quiet the telephone. Simply wave your hand over the gadget and quiet it. Same should be possible with the alert.


This Motorola cell phone costs you $99 with AT&T contract and the opened adaptation would cost you $500. The thin, light, a la mode and alluring looks will have you captivated. The clean UI and natural programming is unquestionably exceptional to this telephone. The main thing that would chafe you are no remote charging and absence of appropriate camera application highlights. Different things remain consistent with its uniqueness.


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