Nubia Z11 Review

With the arrival of the One Plus 3T, Nubia needed to fabricate a telephone that would not just acquire the steadfast group that they've accumulated throughout the years, however they likewise needed to ensure that this telephone would be sufficient to eclipse the One Plus 3T totally and set them back available as the main brand available. Following two or three months of steady research they concocted the Nubia Z11, a cell phone that looks extremely encouraging at first sight. Is it adequate to outperform its deep rooted match, the One Plus 3T, or is it going to assume the second position yet again? How about we see.

1. The Design

As a matter of first importance we have to specify the way that the Nubia Z11 is one of the plain couple of bezel-less cell phones you can purchase nowadays, which quickly makes it a fantastic gadget to have. This little detail made the greater part of the adolescents experience passionate feelings for the outline in a split second, and once you have their consideration, you've for all intents and purposes as of now accomplished the unimaginable. Besides, the telephone's body is made completely out of metal, which gives it an extremely strong feel in the palm. The more adjusted metal edge likewise makes the telephone less demanding to hold, which was once more, another awesome outline decision made by Nubia. Another extremely stunning part about the telephone is the shading blend on the back. Two gold lines keep running along the best and the base of the telephone's back, and the unique finger impression scanner is likewise brilliant. The camera module is red, which truly stands out, yet not contrarily. Obviously, the telephone's beautiful.

2. The show

The show is just put astounding on this telephone. The 5.5 inch FHD board looks unfathomable from all points; it's exquisite, energetic and extremely satisfying to the eye. Despite the fact that the hues are a bit oversaturated, the show still figures out how to look unimaginable. In general the show is great, particularly for individuals that watch a considerable measure of recordings on their telephones.

3. The execution

In spite of the fact that Nubia telephones have been known for the experience more than the execution, the Z11 figures out how to consummately exemplify the two needs in only one thin gadget. Because of its Snapdragon 820 SoC and 6GB of RAM this telephone can for all intents and purposes run each application available. It's quick, responsive and general it offers a decent ordeal for both the online networking darlings and the in-your-face gamers. In general the Z11 outperforms the OnePlus 3T in this division. The main issue the Z11 has is the warming temperature. In case you're one of those individuals that likes to play recreations for a considerable length of time or one of those individuals that marathon watches motion pictures for a more drawn out timeframe then you may observe the telephone to be a bit too rocket-like amid these sessions. The Z11 can really drive higher than 42 degrees Celsius in under 15 minutes on the off chance that you anticipate viewing a 4k video. Obviously, it wasn't generally implied for this kind of an exercise, yet at the same time, this is another age telephone, so individuals expected significantly more from it on this division.

4. The camera

This is the place the compliments stop. Nubia telephones have dependably been known for their cameras, the greater part of the Nubia gadgets had mind blowing cameras, these cameras matched the leader telephone cameras, yet the Z11 is very unique. The photos look hazy and a bit excessively white on occasion, you wince just for one millisecond and your photo looks totally horrendous. The camera isn't even extraordinary, it's simply humiliating. It's a disgrace, outside of a couple of minor defects if not for this camera the telephone would have been relatively great.

5. The battery

The battery kind of reclaims the telephone a smidgen. It's a 3000 mAh battery which goes on for around 5-7 hours, contingent upon the amount you endeavor to utilize it. It's not flawless, but rather it surpasses its opponent's battery. The OnePlus 3T's battery goes on for around 4-5 hours, which is by all accounts that telephone's conclusive imperfection.

The Verdict:

In general the telephone is extremely amazing. It's extraordinarily lovely, it has a dazzling plan, the show is ravishing and the execution is exceptionally agreeable. If not for its battery the telephone would totally outperform the OnePlus 3T, but since of it's sort of a tie. At last it comes down to this: If you favor the camera over the battery life at that point pick the OnePlus 3T, if it's the other route around then the Nubia Z11 is the ideal decision for you. Other than that, the telephone sparkles in many offices, so it's a decent decision. In case need a decent and dependable telephone then the Nubia Z11 is ideal for you.


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